• Ricostruzione 3D del Danteum (progetto di G.Terragni e P.Lingeri)

Nonexistent architecture

In this section are proposed some examples of three-dimensional reconstructions of architectures never realized.

There are Virtual Tours and another virtual elaborations. The three-dimensional modellings and virtual reconstructions are made studying from original  sketches and bibliographic sources. 

 Sala Inferno, Danteum (Terragni-Lingeri) - Immagine equirettangolare della ricostuzione 3d

Technique of 360° Images and Virtual Tours allow a virtual vision into space  three-dimensional  reconstructed or an immersion into a real situation. Meaning Virtual Reality Photography and Immersive Photography. In virtual space, the 360° photograph is made by means of “virtual camera” which take pictures around the  three-dimensional  virtual space. Then the Virtual tours are made up of a group of 360° photographs which are logically and visually connected to each other during the elaboration process. Useful in presenting separate spaces and details, virtual tours give the observer the freedom to move from one viewpoint to another. 

To see an examples of Virtual Tours into to architectures never realized click here


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