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Archeology - 3D Recostructions

Written by Studio SerEla.

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Written by Studio SerEla.

Between the modest houses of Sicilian countries, there are those where at some previous time the farmers have lived, dated back to 19th/first years of 20th century. Every now we can identify the ground floor of these old houses that once was used as stall to shelter of load animals, at that age these were the means of transport useful to go work in farmland and to transport the harvest in warehouse. Some stalls had the access both on the street (through this the donkey or the mule went inside) and on the house. Every now typical metallic rings are affixed on the wall near the entrance of the stall. These were useful to tie the animal. Often, in the old houses, at the street level the interiors are intact, with an original stonework manger, because at some previous time these spaces were used as stall, later these were used as warehouse and so these still conserve the original and typical structure.

Written by Studio SerEla.

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