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Archeology - 3D Recostructions

A typical ancient Sicilan house. An example in Cianciana.

Between the modest houses of Sicilian countries, there are those where at some previous time the farmers have lived, dated back to 19th/first years of 20th century. Every now we can identify the ground floor of these old houses that once was used as stall to shelter of load animals, at that age these were the means of transport useful to go work in farmland and to transport the harvest in warehouse. Some stalls had the access both on the street (through this the donkey or the mule went inside) and on the house. Every now typical metallic rings are affixed on the wall near the entrance of the stall. These were useful to tie the animal. Often, in the old houses, at the street level the interiors are intact, with an original stonework manger, because at some previous time these spaces were used as stall, later these were used as warehouse and so these still conserve the original and typical structure.

For example, in via Arfeli in Cianciana (AG), there is an ancient typical house with most of these characteristics now illustrated. At the street level the interior include a stall with the access both on the street and on the staircase of the house. In this characteristic room, a manger still is on left wall, on the right there is a small door which brings, through a staircase, in an ample underground space that was  used as barn at one time (to deposit  the straw). At the back of the stall, there is another large room (about 20 square meters of surface), this has an original and characteristic barrel vault with lunettes.

The house at the first floor is much bright with alone two blind walls instead of three walls (three blind walls are much common when the houses are organized in double order on blocks of clustered homes). This lucky condition is possible because this house faces to the north on the street (via Arfeli) where the other houses aren’t much tall and faces to the south on the roofs that surround them. The window which faces to the south is very convenient: in the most time of the day the light and heat of sun enter in the home. Now there are three rooms: there is a dining room with a balcony which faces on the street; behind a wall there is the kitchen with a typical ancient wood kitchen and a concrete hood is on top of it. A small bathroom is obtained with protruding volume called sporto (the sewage system made in the beginning of 20th century, so the existing houses, which were lacking hygienic services, were provided for this volume to situate a wc and a sink). At the back, there is a large bedroom (about 30 square metres of surface). On the south wall, there is a window with roofscapes that surround them (it glimpses the Clock Tower) and hillscapes. In this room there is the attic made in characteristic incannucciato (structure of reeds and mortar). Some recesses, closed by wood doors, hide storage closets, shelfs or cupboard.

This house now is for sale (you can ask me another informations about it: Studio SerEla is helping the current owner to the sale - Go to dedicated link/section). This house meets requirements of who is searching typical Sicilian house. This is more spacious than much other houses that have a single room or two small rooms for floor. In effect, the first floor of this house has 54 square metres of surface, so this space could become comfortable living room and bedrooms. Interiors at the ground floor are very spacious too, here one could realize comfortable living or relax room. And the old underground space that ware used to deposit the straw at one time, now one could transform into wine cellar or warehouse. This house is abandoned from much time, it needs a renovation project. The condition of frame of the building is quite good but it’s essential to change the wood beams which support the pitched roof. The condition of floor and of vault is very good. For who is searching a characteristic space to live in a Sicilian tranquil country, this house for sale could be a golden opportunity.     

Between the objects scattered in uninhabited rooms there are Sicilian ancient typical objects which were used daily: for example there are those which Sicilian called lanceddi, those were used to take water from fountains; or this called chircu is a wood structure which was put around the fire and some wet clothes were put on this to dry; the chairs of Bivona, typical wood chairs with rope seats... Between the walls of this home the time is stop!

Read more and look the video: this house is FOR SALE!


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