Architecture - 3D Recostructions

Archeology - 3D Recostructions

An house of “Hellenistic and Roman Quarter”

Written by Mariangela Riggio.

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 A navigation system shows a hypothetical rebuilding of a Roman house of the archaeological area situated  in Agrigento. Between 1954 and 1955 many archaeological excavations unearthed an urban settlement of about 15.000 square meters: remains of the old Akragas city. This urban settlement might be risen on ancient ruins in the second half of the VI century B.C. and it might be lasted until IV-V century A.D. This area shows an urban plant costituted by rectangular blocks. 

The three-dimensional view created show an old  Roman house called by archaeologists “IIIA”. This house haven’t got rich decorations, instead many other similar houses have got richly decorated floors and coloured walls that remind us frescoed walls of houses in Ercolano and Pompei. In the three-dimensional view architectural and decorative elements were studied from ruins and from bibliographic sources. The threedimensional drawing helps users to understand the layout of the rooms through the spherical symbols that allow you to explore the environment. Furthermore the arrows help users to browse, the symbols called “i” show many informations.


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