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PROPOSED PROJECT. Building in via Catania, Cianciana (AG)

Written by Studio Serela.

The house located in via Catania, in Cianciana, it has three stories and small terrace at last floor. The entrance door is on an external stair, so the ground floor result elevated of about 60 meters from street’s level. Each floor has 17 square metres of surface. The frame’s conditions is quite good but it’s essential change wood beams which support pitched roof. To make of this house an comfortable and efficiency apartment, it’s necessary a renovation project that will adapt this at modern housing requirements. For example, it’s necessary to place a new comfort bathroom at first or second floor (because, actually, there is only a small bathroom at ground floor).

This property is for sale in estate agency Immobiliare 2D.

Our renovation project has especially the purpose to suggest one solution that weasel out of to pass through each room for climb from one floor to another (typical solution of house built during early part of 20th Century) accommodating a human need for privacy and comfort. So in this project at first and second floor the connection’s system from one floor to another will glass-wall off. In this way it’s will be possible detach bedrooms from connection’s system without heavily obstruct, but with solution marked by lightness and translucence: the light pass through the glass-walls.

Specifically, in this project that we can propose for you at the ground floor there will be an open-space with living room and dining room separated one from another by only a bookcase. One bookcase’s module hide the kitchen that is placed in corner at the end and it extends with a kitchen table. In the living room, existing three  steps’ volume will can be subsume in a new volume that may be made in wood or plasterboard as container shelf. Similarly, a bench under the windows (this windows will be create on preexist opening which then stopped up) will can hide inside a container box. At first and second floor shiny glazed glass-wall with decoration in etched glass will allows the sleeping area feel nested. Furthermore, at second floor, the glass-wall will allows the placement of the bathroom. 



In this video you can understand the our solution planning  through photo-realistic  render and comparison between current situation and proposed project situation.

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