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Archeology - 3D Recostructions

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The property, located in via Arfeli (in the center of Cianciana) is a very typical Sicilian ancient house. At the street level the interior includes spaces that some previous time were used as stall and an ample underground space which was used as barn at one time (to deposit  the straw). This characteristic room still conserve a manger and original typical barrel vault with lunettes. All ground floor has about 60 square meters of surface. The house at the first floor is much bright with alone two blind walls: this lucky condition is possible because this house faces to the north on the street (via Arfeli) where the other houses aren’t much tall and faces to the south on the roofs that surround them. The first floor is more spacious than much other similar ancient houses, it has 60 square metres of surface. Now, there are three rooms. In the ancient kitchen there is a typical wood kitchen and a concrete hood is on top of it. In the large bedroom, is the attic made in characteristic incannucciato (structure of reeds and mortar). Here, the window open on roofscapes that surround them (it glimpses the Clock Tower) and hillscapes.



It needs a renovation project. The condition of frame of the building is quite good but it’s essential to change the wood beams which support the pitched roof. Total surface of this house is about 120 square metres. The condition of floor and of vault is very good. For who is searching a characteristic space to live in a Sicilian tranquil country, this house for salecould be a golden opportunity.



In  this video you can understand the actual condition of this property and our solution planning about renovate project for first floor. So, in this project, we suggest you a solution for to become the first floor in a confortable habitable space with realization of bathroom, bedroom with personal bathroom and walk-in closet. In the kitchen it cuold recover the anciet wood kitchen.

Look the video!


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You will ask me another informations, if you are interested to buy it.
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Written by Studio SerEla.

The charm of Sicily always has attracted many foreigners  and today many of them decide to stay.  This foreigners considerer the Sicily as an excellent location for the summer holiday or as a quiet ”refuge” after the working life.  The value of Sicily are many:  its spectacular views of the sea, its mild climate, the Mediterranean cuisine, the variety of landscapes ...

Recently, the real estate market has found new buyers, in fact there are many foreigners that buy different country-house or flats at relatively cheap prices because these proprieties need to renovation. So modest houses of our historical centers live again thank to their new inhabitants. 

Here are some testimony: Cianciana, a small hill country, a few kilometers from the sea, attracts many foreigners. Here sandstone houses with characteristic vaulted ceilings or with wood beams fascinate English, Danish, Canadian, Russian... Who usually enjoy the holiday here tells us: 

“there's something there that enlightens the left hand side of the brain that's why I feel it has attracted a more Bohemian culture of foreigners”. 

The possibility to renovate the propriety saving on purchase, favours one of foreigner’s dreams: to have a house in a  Mediterranean island:

“the main motive why so many foreigners were buying in Cianciana is the low prices of houses. The low prices allows foreigners the ability to own a property in the Mediterranean. These islands are exclusive and nice places to own a home, especially for foreigners living in cold north Europe climates.”

Even Favara, Aragona and many towns in the province of Agrigento often offer attractive opportunities to those who dream of a home in Sicily.

Come and visit us, we will help you to realize your dreams. Who better than a Sicilian architect can help you to enjoy tho use of your property in Sicily?

Come on in Sicily!

 Various Sicilian locations

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 Are you thinking about renovating your home? Would you like to see how your home will become after the restructuring? 


 I can give you an idea that satisfy your needs! It will be easy and clear.


You can see new aspect that your entire home or only your room will have through a photorealistic images. So  you will  be able to choose between different design assumptions that they might valorize your home. As soon as  you will send me an email, I will tell you which elements you should give me to create a project.  In a few days you will receive the images and drawings that illustrate the project choices proposed for you.


Arch. Mariangela Riggio

Contact me! 



This service is offered exclusively online, we'll give you a project illustrated by architectural drawings (plans survey - plants of project) and photorealistic renderings and / or three-dimensional views. Look the different options!





  •  + 20,00 € for new photorealistic images (render),
  •  + 50,00 field survey if the property is in Agrigento o Cianciana (we need analize cost for another  destination)
  •  + cost of printing should it be requested
  •  + costs of language translation for the report.
  •  We need analize cost for  drawing  more large (room more large than 20 m2 or property more than 70 m2)

For more information read here 



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